Daylee Brock • M.A., BCBA


While pursuing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Nevada, Reno I was recruited by a friend to the Early Childhood Autism Program. This is where I was first exposed to the field of behavior analysis. Through the clinical work there I was able to learn, understand and implement the principles of behavior analysis in an early intensive behavioral intervention setting. The initial experience into applied behavior analysis led me to switch educational goals to align with a psychology major and a focus on behavior analysis. The more I learned about the science of behavior, the more I wanted to learn. 

While pursuing my master’s, I was able to provide consultative services to various Washoe County School District sites in their Social Intervention Program. This position challenged me to apply behavior analytic principles in environments with limited resources and with administration that had little knowledge of behavior analysis.  Through this work I learned just how much other areas of our community were in need of behavior analytic services and just how important this work is, especially for those that did not have access to early intervention. 

I now work as a master’s level RBT (and will sit for my BCBA in mid-November) at Advanced Child Behavior Solutions, LLC in Reno where I provide in-home early intervention services to various children throughout the Reno/Sparks area and assist in consultative services to rural school districts within Northern Nevada. As I take this final step towards certification, I am excited to continue this journey and am eager to immerse myself into the community while working to facilitate behavior analytic services to those in need. Being a part of NABA fulfills many of my personal and professional goals and would be a great experience.