William Fleming

Student Representative Elect

Will Fleming is a doctoral student studying behavior analysis under the advisement of Dr. Linda  Hayes at the University of Nevada, Reno. Will received his BA in Applied Behavior Analysis  and Anthropology from the University of Kansas where he conducted research in Dr. David  Jarmolowicz’s Neuroeconomics laboratory and worked with Dr. Edward Morris in the Center for  History of Behavior Analysis. Will has experience managing both non-human and human  operant labs focusing on basic behavioral processes and complex verbal behavior, respectively.  His research interests include the evolution of cultural behavior, philosophy of science, and  discounting processes. Much of Will’s work explores similarities and differences between  behavior analysis and interbehaviorism, perspectives that he believes have much to offer one  another. He has recently received a Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis  Innovative Student Research Grant for his dissertation on experimentally analyzing cultural  behavior and a Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowship from the University of Kansas for  conducting research on the Miskitu Coast of Nicaragua and Honduras. Will hopes his work will  contribute to a rich tradition of investigating complex behavior from naturalistic science  perspectives. 

“I would love to be a Student Representative for NABA. I am well-versed in basic behavior analytic literature, competent with online interfaces, love problem solving, and familiar with  standard conference decorum. Most of all, though, I am highly motivated to help an organization that has given so much to the Nevada behavior-analytic community. I believe in the priorities  and initiatives of NABA—I am very pleased and impressed with the work NABA has done and  what is trying to doing. I think an organization must constantly work on trying to expand its  reach, and I think doing that work is really important. Conferences like that thrown by NABA  every year are very important to the field, especially with respect to getting young, aspiring behavior analysts involved. I think I can help with that and advance NABA’s goals, as they are  not only in the best interest of behavior analysts in Nevada but the field as a whole. I really just  want to give back in a meaningful way, and I believe I can do so as Student Representative for  NABA.”—Will