Megan McGrew • PhD, BCBA-D, LBA

President Elect

Megan McGrew, PhD, BCBA, LBA 

I entered the field of behavior analysis totally sideways, convinced, in my early 20s, that I was destined to be a philosophy professor. In philosophy, we always write in the first person, so hold onto your hats. 

Educational Background: 

I completed my undergraduate education at St. Mary’s College of Maryland with degrees in History and Philosophy and a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I attended graduate school at Florida State University, where I received a Master’s degree in analytic philosophy (concentration: Contemporary Feminist Social Theory) and a PhD, also in analytic philosophy, with an AOS in Ethics/Moral Theory. 

ABA Background: 

My research began intersecting with the ASD literature and behavior analysis during my doctoral work, and I began working as a behavior technician. I discovered a passion for using the science of behavior to create meaningful change, and that influenced the trajectories of both my dissertation (“Moral Responsibility and Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Project in Philosophy, Psychology, and Applied Behavior Analysis”) and my life. I gained additional education in ABA through FIT and worked full time as a BCaBA by the time I defended my dissertation. I became a BCBA a few months later and worked as a BCBA in Georgia, Alabama, and Colorado prior to moving to Nevada in 2017. I am the owner/CEO of Impact ABA Services, which opened its doors in January 2018, and provides clinic-based therapy in South Reno. 


My areas of interest are: Ethics, Interdisciplinary Research, and Contextualist Approaches Across Disciplines, Logic (the super nerdy kind), Feminist Theory (intersectional), Social Justice, Criminal Justice Reform (esp. Juvenile Justice), Food (esp. fancy cheeses and baked goods), and pretty much all of the things. 

Relevant Experience: 

I have four years of executive board experience within an organization. In graduate school, I was the secretary/treasurer (1 year) and then the President (3 years) of The Society for Women’s Advancement in Philosophy (S.W.A.P.). This organization promoted diversity within the field of philosophy. S.W.A.P. organized an annual multi-day, single-track, academic conference that brought together scholars from across the country (and occasionally further afield). 

FUN FACT (?): I grew up in Belgium and retain very strong opinions about waffles and chocolate.