Nominated for President

Dr. Maria Stevenson

Dr. Maria Stevenson has been a BCBA for 17 years and is a licensed Behavior Analyst in the  state of Nevada. She received her Master of Science degree with an emphasis in Applied  Behavior Analysis from Florida State University. She then received her Doctorate of Psychology  degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her dissertation at UNR was on assessing variables  that maintain stereotypical behaviors. Dr. Stevenson has worked with individuals with autism,  developmental delays, and other disabilities during her career as a behavior scientist. Her  behavior analytic experience includes working in multiple settings including an in-patient  behavioral unit, various in-home ABA programs, and school settings. In each of these settings  she has been able to learn the skills needed to work directly and indirectly with others to  improve clients’ lives. Currently, she has been able to collaborate with other disciplines to help  clients learn to tolerate medical procedures. Dr. Stevenson owns a small company in Nevada that focuses on helping individuals diagnosed with Autism and related disorders lead their best  life.

Dr. Megan McGrew

Megan McGrew, PhD, BCBA, LBA 

I entered the field of behavior analysis totally sideways, convinced, in my early 20s, that I was destined to be a philosophy professor. In philosophy, we always write in the first person, so hold onto your hats. 

Educational Background: 

I completed my undergraduate education at St. Mary’s College of Maryland with degrees in History and Philosophy and a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I attended graduate school at Florida State University, where I received a Master’s degree in analytic philosophy (concentration: Contemporary Feminist Social Theory) and a PhD, also in analytic philosophy, with an AOS in Ethics/Moral Theory. 

ABA Background: 

My research began intersecting with the ASD literature and behavior analysis during my doctoral work, and I began working as a behavior technician. I discovered a passion for using the science of behavior to create meaningful change, and that influenced the trajectories of both my dissertation (“Moral Responsibility and Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Project in Philosophy, Psychology, and Applied Behavior Analysis”) and my life. I gained additional education in ABA through FIT and worked full time as a BCaBA by the time I defended my dissertation. I became a BCBA a few months later and worked as a BCBA in Georgia, Alabama, and Colorado prior to moving to Nevada in 2017. I am the owner/CEO of Impact ABA Services, which opened its doors in January 2018, and provides clinic-based therapy in South Reno. 


My areas of interest are: Ethics, Interdisciplinary Research, and Contextualist Approaches Across Disciplines, Logic (the super nerdy kind), Feminist Theory (intersectional), Social Justice, Criminal Justice Reform (esp. Juvenile Justice), Food (esp. fancy cheeses and baked goods), and pretty much all of the things. 

Relevant Experience: 

I have four years of executive board experience within an organization. In graduate school, I was the secretary/treasurer (1 year) and then the President (3 years) of The Society for Women’s Advancement in Philosophy (S.W.A.P.). This organization promoted diversity within the field of philosophy. S.W.A.P. organized an annual multi-day, single-track, academic conference that brought together scholars from across the country (and occasionally further afield). 

FUN FACT (?): I grew up in Belgium and retain very strong opinions about waffles and chocolate.

Nominated for At Large Representative

Kristin Mellinger

Kristin Mellinger, MS, MEd, BCBA, LBA 

Kristin Mellinger completed her Bachelor of Science from California State  University-Fullerton in Child Development in 2007, received her Masters of Science  from National University in Special Education in 2011 and a Masters of Education in  Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2012. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a Licensed Behavior Analyst in Nevada  and Texas. Kristin started in the field of Special Education and Autism in 2001 and  has over 19 years of experience working with infants through adults with autism  and other developmental disabilities in a variety of settings including schools, early  intervention, in-home, and in-clinic. She has created and presented parent trainings  regarding behavior and social skills and staff trainings for ABA and Early  Intervention. Her area of interests include social skills–particularly in adolescents  to prepare them for independent living, early intervention, and providing parents  with resources to best access services for their children.

Nominated for Secretary

Tiffany Aninao

Tiffany Aninao earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2010 from the University of Nevada, Reno. She then went on to earn her Master of Science degree in 2012 from Florida State University. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) in the state of Nevada. She has previously served as the VP of Membership for the Standard Celeration Society. Tiffany is the Clinical Operations Director at Fit Learning—a Precision Teaching Learning Laboratory. Tiffany is passionate about helping children access the highest quality education to transform their learning abilities through the use of learning science and evidence-based instruction. To spread her passion for precision teaching, Tiffany provides remote consultation to several other Fit Learning locations across the United States.

Patrick Laytham

I currently serve as the Behavior Analytic Clinical Supervisor in the Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities at Touro University Nevada, managing 5+ clients and supervising 3 Registered Behavior Technicians in the implementation of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Currently, I am researching how the COVID-19 shutdowns affected client programming (both child and parent). 

I also have a dual role as an Associate Professor in the School of Education,  managing the Masters of Education in Special Education programming, which  includes Applied Behavior Analysis, Initial Licensure, Autism Spectrum  Disorders, and Adapted Physical Education coursework. Finally, I serve on various  university- and community-based committees (e.g., Research, Nevada Commission  on Autism Spectrum Disorder Workforce Development Subcommittee).  

My intent on serving as the Secretary for Nevada Association for Behavior  Analysis is to further support the dissemination and advancement of behavior  analysis throughout the State. My background as a K-12 Special Educator,  university faculty member, and current clinician may lend itself well to continual  bridging of various related fields as we all work towards improving the lives of the  clients we work with. 


Kimberly Kamen

I have completed my Master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in behavior analysis at the University of  Nevada Reno. My thesis was entitled ” Training Early Intensive Behavioral Interventionists: A Replication and  Extension of eLearning Instruction.” My scholarly interests range widely, from exploration of effective online  

teaching environments, improving treatment for children with disabilities, improvement of individualized special  education in the classroom, and various areas within the realm of ABA. I hope to carry my interests in effective  teaching methods to my future career. I also believe I can take my past experience with research and teaching to  help mentor children and students I work with. 

Following graduate school I worked in the school district, in foster care homes, and taught Psychology college  courses. I currently work at the Learning Consultants, as a consultant. I thoroughly enjoy working at The LC,  especially watching the children I supervise progress. I am in my second year of a PhD program. I am studying  cognitive psychology with an emphasis in instructional design. I have a beautiful son, Karter. I enjoy hiking,  taking out the kayak, and being outdoors with my son. 

Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to working together. Kimberly Kamen

Nominated for Treasurer

Kimberly Henkle

Kimberly Henkle, BCaBA, LaBA, is a graduate student at the University of Nevada, Reno  currently who recently defended her thesis and will graduate with her Master of Arts degree in December 2020. She is also a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst and a Licensed  Assistant Behavior Analyst in the state of Nevada. She has served on various committee and leadership roles since 2012, including the Hawaii Association for Behavior Analysis where she  served as President, Vice President, and Events Committee Chair. As events committee chair,  she was responsible for coordinating and overseeing the planning and implementation of  quarterly events and annual conference. Job duties included the management and oversight of  event funds, financial reports, coordination of organizational activities, and financial  projections. These experiences have provided a foundation that, if elected, she would apply to  enhance the mission of the Nevada Association for Behavior Analysts Board.

Nominated for Student Representative

Will Fleming

Will Fleming is a doctoral student studying behavior analysis under the advisement of Dr. Linda  Hayes at the University of Nevada, Reno. Will received his BA in Applied Behavior Analysis  and Anthropology from the University of Kansas where he conducted research in Dr. David  Jarmolowicz’s Neuroeconomics laboratory and worked with Dr. Edward Morris in the Center for  History of Behavior Analysis. Will has experience managing both non-human and human  operant labs focusing on basic behavioral processes and complex verbal behavior, respectively.  His research interests include the evolution of cultural behavior, philosophy of science, and  discounting processes. Much of Will’s work explores similarities and differences between  behavior analysis and interbehaviorism, perspectives that he believes have much to offer one  another. He has recently received a Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis  Innovative Student Research Grant for his dissertation on experimentally analyzing cultural  behavior and a Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowship from the University of Kansas for  conducting research on the Miskitu Coast of Nicaragua and Honduras. Will hopes his work will  contribute to a rich tradition of investigating complex behavior from naturalistic science  perspectives. 

“I would love to be a Student Representative for NABA. I am well-versed in basic behavior analytic literature, competent with online interfaces, love problem solving, and familiar with  standard conference decorum. Most of all, though, I am highly motivated to help an organization that has given so much to the Nevada behavior-analytic community. I believe in the priorities  and initiatives of NABA—I am very pleased and impressed with the work NABA has done and  what is trying to doing. I think an organization must constantly work on trying to expand its  reach, and I think doing that work is really important. Conferences like that thrown by NABA  every year are very important to the field, especially with respect to getting young, aspiring behavior analysts involved. I think I can help with that and advance NABA’s goals, as they are  not only in the best interest of behavior analysts in Nevada but the field as a whole. I really just  want to give back in a meaningful way, and I believe I can do so as Student Representative for  NABA.”—Will

Donna West


My name is Donna West, I am a first-year doctoral student in UNR’s behavior analysis program, and I am interested in being your NABA student representative. As your student representative, I would collaborate with fellow student members across universities in providing access to the research, career, and academic opportunities representative of our growing field. I would do this by discussing the student’s goals with fellow board members and reaching out to others in our community (undergraduate and graduate students across universities, scholars, researchers, and  practitioners) for opportunities to provide our NABA student members. My passion to  collaborate and disseminate behavior analysis became apparent during my early experiences with  behavior analysis. After my first year attending NABA in 2017, I founded UNR’s Undergraduate  Behavior Analysis club to support the academic and professional interests of undergraduate  students. I did this by designing the club’s missions, recruiting other club officers, organizing  events and inviting presenters based on the group’s goals and interests. While remaining active  with the NABA community and continuing to mentor the undergraduate club officers, I have  also had applied experiences as a case manager at Fit Learning and as an RBT in the Early  Childhood Autism program. More recently I have been teaching both in-person and online  classes in PSY 101, which has allowed me to become even more involved with my fellow  students, passionate about promoting intellectual exchanges, and creative with ideas on  navigating the virtual platform. I believe my leadership and applied experiences would support  my actions as your student representative by bringing innovative ways to support the values of  our students and the NABA community. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Nina McCartney

Nina McCartney, M.S. is a second-year doctoral student in Special Education and Disability  Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). Nina is pursuing her BCBA-D and though she  is newer to the field of Behavior Analysis, she looks forward to learning more and growing in  this field to support children, families, and teachers in our community through high-quality ABA  services. 

Nina received undergraduate and master’s degrees in Human Development and Family Studies at UNR. Nina has been working in early childhood education (ECE) for 15 years in a variety of  settings including inclusive PreK and work with infants and toddlers. She also has a love for  middle school students where she frequently substitutes. In her current role as a graduate  assistant at the university, she has taught courses in education foundations, early childhood  education, introduction to families, and ECE practicum. 

One of Nina’s passions is research, and she continues to work on a graduate research team at UNR where she has been an integral member for the past 4 years. She plans to integrate her extensive child development and family science knowledge with behavioral principles to conduct meaningful research and offer novel contributions to field. Nina’s previous research publications  and conference presentations have centered on teachers’ experiences of stress and burnout in the  ECE field, teacher well-being, and children’s socioemotional development. Nina also previously served for two years as the Secretary for the Reno Association for the Education of Young  Children (RAEYC) board, a chapter of NAEYC.

Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith is pursuing a master’s degree in Behavior Analysis at the University of Nevada, Reno.  Under the advisement of Dr. Matthew Locey, she is focused on extending research conducted on fluency  as well as expanding the understanding of ‘value’ as a construct related to reinforcement. Throughout  her graduate program, she has worked with undergraduate students as a teaching assistant for classes  focused on the elementary analysis of behavior, experimental analysis of behavior, pseudoscience, and  the psychology of gender. She has also had the opportunity to work at Fit Learning, Reno as the Internal  Training Coordinator and a Junior Consultant, training new staff and affiliate organizations in the use of  precision teaching and direct instruction to train academic skills to fluency. The range of her experiences  has allowed her to research, teach, and apply behavioral principles while continuing to pursue a robust  understanding of behavior science. To pursue this goal, Courtney has been a member of the Nevada  Association for Behavior Analysis (NABA) throughout her graduate career, participating in the annual  conference as an attendee and a poster presenter. She looks forward to using her experiences to give  back to the behavioral community by serving as the NABA student representative.