Jamiika Thomas • B.A.

Student Representative


Jamiika Thomas is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in the Behavior Analysis Program at the University of Nevada, Reno under the advisement of Dr. Linda Hayes. Her early experiences in applied behavior analysis consisted of working with adults with intellectual disabilities at UNR’s Person-centered Assessment, Training and Rehabilitation Program where she served as case manager and supervisor. Her teaching experiences have included serving as a proctor at the UNR introductory psychology lab and as a Learning Coach intern at Fit Learning, Reno. She has also been conducting collaborative research examining motivational conditions serving as context in operant renewal procedures in Dr. Hayes’ animal behavior lab. Working in these contexts have shaped her commitment to becoming a better scientist and practitioner. Jamiika’s current research interests include the study of verbal and cultural behavior. Jamiika is passionate about the dissemination of behavior science, and has been working with UNR’s Satellite Programs in Behavior Analysis which provide online training to students in multiple national and international locations. She is pursuing her passion as UNR’s Student Program Delegate for the Association for Behavior Analysis International. She looks forward to continuing to pursue her interest in dissemination as the NABA Student Representative. She has attended the NABA conference throughout her years of graduate training, participating both as a poster presenter and volunteer, and believes that her past and present leadership experiences have prepared her to fulfill the duties required of the Student Representative.