Dr. Traci Cihon

Teaching and Disseminating Behavior Analysis: Here, There, and Everywhere

Starting with Skinner’s (1968) Technology of Teaching and Keller’s (1968) Personalized System of Instruction, behavior analysis has a long history in education. Whether you are working in Early Intensive Behavior Intervention, problem behavior reduction, organizational settings, or universities, you have probably encountered situations in which you have needed to establish new repertoires; strengthen, maintain, or generalize current repertoires; or promote the recombination of existing repertoires. Applications of behavior analysis to education are also opportunities to disseminate behavior analysis. Our instruction, grounded in the concepts and principles of behavior analysis, provides the opportunity to teach others about behavior analysis. We help teachers to develop effective instructional strategies. We help families to access more shared reinforcers. We help supervisors to manage more effectively. And, we build environments to support cooperation within and across systems, cultures, and communities. The purpose of this presentation is to describe four efforts to disseminate behavior analysis while teaching behavior analysis in diverse educational settings – a public school special education program, undergraduate introduction to behavior analysis courses at a state university, a collaboration with a social cooperative (non-profit) and public university in Italy, and a consumer science class at a local public high school.

About Traci Cihon

Dr. Traci Cihon received her master’s degree from the University of Nevada-Reno and her PhD from The Ohio State University. Currently, she is an Associate Professor in the Department of Behavior Analysis at The University of North Texas where she teaches graduate level courses in ethics and behavioral systems analysis. She also co-coordinates the Cultural Selection Lab with Dr. April Becker, conducting research that contributes to our understanding of how cultural phenomena develop. Dr. Cihon has developed behavioral interventions for individuals with and without disabilities in home and school settings both domestically and internationally. Her scholarship focuses culturo-behavioral systems science, verbal behavior, international and interdisciplinary dissemination of behavior analysis, and behavioral education. She serves on editorial boards for several peer-reviewed journals including The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, Behavior and Social Issues, Perspectives on Behavior Science, and the American Annals of the Deaf. Her most recent projects include co-editing a special section of Perspectives focused on cultural and behavioral systems science and co-editing a book on cultural and community applications of behavior analysis that is part of a new ABAI book series – both with Dr. Mark Mattaini.