A new year is upon us and your elected representatives on the NABA Council are on board and already working toward another exemplary conference in the Fall. Here are your current representatives for 2013:

    President: Ken MacAleese, Ph.D. (childsolutions@gmail.com)

    President-Elect: Rebecca Arvans, Ph.D. (rebecca.arvans.cbh@gmail.com)

    Secretary and Treasurer: Zachary H. Morford (zachary.morford@gmail.com)

    At-Large Representative: Donald R. Karr, Ph.D. (drkarr@drdonkarr.com)

    Student Representative: Amber Candido (amber.candido@gmail.com)

    Student Representative-Elect: Janie Gunther (janiegunther@gmail.com)

An updated photo of the group will be provided soon.