Panel Discussion

Each year, the Nevada Association for Behavior Analysis brings together students, practitioners, and scholars in the field of behavior analysis to our annual conference. This event is aimed to provide an environment in which attendees can engage in intellectual exchange and expand their professional repertoires. Historically, NABA has recruited invited speakers to guide important discussions related to the field of behavior analysis during a 50-minute panel discussion. This year, NABA is excited to announce that we want YOU to have a chance to be on our panel!

This year’s Panel Discussion is titled: “What Does Behavior Analysis Look Like in Nevada?”

For interested applicants, please draft a 200-250 word abstract discussing the themes you would like to discuss as a panelist for NABA’s 2017 Annual Conference.

Areas of discussion could include, but are not limited to: What do service delivery barriers look like in Nevada? Where are we as a field lacking? How does our state’s delivery of service compare to other comparable states? What obstacles are unique to serving our community in rural areas? What distinctions are there between northern Nevada services and southern Nevada services? What educational opportunities does Nevada provide?

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Application link: