02:30 PM - 03:30 PM - Joseph Dagen: The Intersection of Behavior Science and Major Accident Prevention

Catastrophic accidents often occur in industries of tremendous social importance, and their impact is felt on a global scale. For example, many people are familiar with high-profile major accidents such as Chernobyl, Space Shuttle Columbia, and Deepwater Horizon. Countless professionals have dedicated their energy to understanding and preventing these kinds of catastrophic accidents, and many industries (e.g., aviation) now operate with relatively low failure rates. The success of safety professionals in reducing the risk of major accidents is built on interdisciplinary collaboration, and behavioral science has an important contribution to make in the ongoing global effort to further reduce the risk of major accidents. Dr. Dagen will share his experience applying the science and philosophy of behavior analysis in the context of a global business operating in a high-hazard industry. Specifically, the discussion will explore the intersection of behavioral science with major accident prevention methods, high-hazard operations, process safety, and leadership development. The discussion will also provide avenues for future behavior analytic research that would contribute to the global challenge of understanding and preventing catastrophic failures in high-hazard operations.